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DOTA Auto Chess – chenjizhou

At the beginning of 2019, the most popular game DOTA Auto Chess came out and attracted lots of players. Here you can find many DOTA Auto Chess guide strategy.

We have almost 1000 visitors and 3000 views every day. DOTA Auto Chess guide strategy will help you to defeat enemies and win the game.

09/03/2019 : 372 000 DOTA Auto Chess players are online ! 1 millions+ in dota ! So we can find that DOTA Auto Chess rescue dota.

Let’s play DOTA Auto Chess!

First, we need to know some key words:

Chess, Courier, Gold , Interest, Species, Heroes, Items

Second, we need to know species buff and get the newest guide strategy :

Assassin : All friendly assassins have a chance to deal more damage. Read assassin guide strategy

Beast : Attack damage increased. Read beast guide strategy

Demon hunter : 1) Negates enemy demon’s Fel Power/ 2)All ally demons keep their power. Read demon hunter guide strategy

Dragon : 3) Heroes get full mana at the begin of battle. Read dragon guide strategy

Druid : Two ★ druids can upgrade to one ★★ druid . Read druid guide strategy

Element: Have chance to stun attacker. Read element guide strategy

ELF : Evasion increased. Read elf guide strategy

Human : Armor increased. Read human guide strategy

Goblin : Armor and hp regeneration increased. Read goblin guide strategy

God : Skill’s cd reduce. Read god guide strategy

Hunter : Hunter allies Attack damage increased. Read hunter guide strategy

Knight : All friendly knights have a chance to get a shield. Read knight guide strategy

Mage : Magic resistance decreased. Read mage guide strategy

Naga : Magic resistance increased. Read naga guide strategy

Orc : Orc max HP increased. Read orc guide strategy

Priest : Grant your courier an holy barrier that reduces 20% Courier damage token. Read priest guide strategy.

Shaman : Hex an enemy when battle starts. Read shaman guide strategy

Troll : Attack speed increased. Read troll guide strategy

Undead : Armor decreased. Read undead guide strategy

Warlock : Provider life steal for all allies. Read warlock guide strategy

Warrior: Armor increased. Read warrior guide strategy

Strike back : Strike back strategy. Read strike back guide strategy

Super hero: Super hero guide interesting. Read super hero guide strategy

Super item : Super item guide interesting. Read super item guide strategy

Video strategy: Video YouTube strategies. Read video guide strategy

Third, Practice the DOTA Auto Chess guide strategy in the game.

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Here we collect all the important update of DOTA Auto Chess. You can get the latest news from here.

All the update are synchronous on the page DOTA Auto Chess strategy guide, specieshero or item.

– New Season: Claim you reward for S0: Mystery now in the game! The higher the ranking achieved, the better the reward will be. April 30 will be an off-season day, games played on the day will not contribute to your ranking, and all players will play as unranked. New season begins on May 1.

– UI updates: Added new post-game panel and loading screens. During the game you can expand the droplist on the right-hand side player info panel, to view the current team make-up and synergies of other players.

– New pieces added: Dazzle($3, Troll Priest)

Created a skill “Shallow Grave” for the Dazzle (3 Fee/Troll/Priest) that was previously added in the background.


Shallow Grave : Cast the Shallow Grave on 1/2/3 friendly pieces so that he will not die no matter how much damage he takes within 5 seconds. (The target selection mechanism is the teammate with the lowest percentage of blood.)

Join the priest’s professional skills “Block”: (1) Priest: Grant your courier an holy barrier that reduces 20% Courier damage token.. (If there is a decimal, the rounding down will result in 1 damage when rounded down to 0.)

The priest’s attack returns to the same mana as the Mage/Warlock/Shaman.

Io($5, Elf with Elves/ no class)


Elf Guardian skill “No difference coming”: Elf Guard ★ Can be regarded as any kind of ★ when playing on the game; Elf Guard ★ ★ can be regarded as any kind of ★ ★ chess pieces participate in the synthesis (there is no Elf Guard ★ ★ ★).

Elf Guard is an incredible 4th fee, and they will be randomly washed into the pool of 1 fee according to the number of 5 tickets. When participating in the synthesis of other pieces, only one elf guard can participate at a time.

– Reworked Blade Mail: +5 Armor, +10 Attack damage. Active : Damage Return: Duplicates 100% of received damage as pure damage back to the attacking unit. Lasts 4 sec.

– Reworked Knights’ Divine Protection: (3) Knights: All friendly knights have 40% chance to proc a damage-reducing shield. (6) Knights: All allies have 35%% chance to proc a damage-reducing shield.

This change is for 9 knight which will arrive soon.

– Increased Assassin Pieces’ initiation delay from 0.5 sec to 0.75 sec.
– Increased Enigma’s Midnight Pulse percentage HP damage from 5%/7%/9% to 6%/9%/12%.
– Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze side angle from 85 to 60 degrees.
– Increased Terrorblade’s base HP by 50.
– Increased Venomancer’s base HP by 100.
– Decreased Chaos Knight’s base HP by 50.
– Decreased Mask of Madness bonus attack speed from 40 to 30.
– Decreased Assult Cuirass attack speed bonus and reduction from +15/-15 to +10/-10.
– Increased Robe of the Magi magic resistance reduction from 20% to 30%.
– Updated early end mechanism: Top 3 ranked players in a game now have 2 votes when proposing ending the game. The game terminates on 4 total votes.
– Fixed some bugs and tweaked some visual effects.


Congratulations to Ogre Magi and Lich for achieving the least wins prize for the week!
– Reworked Ogre’s Two Heads: Instead of +10% max HP for allied Ogres, Two Heads now grant +5% max HP for all allies.

– Temporarily removed Lich from the piece pool, and will be added back later after rework.