4 Jun @ 1:54pm least win prize Lina

– New Chess Piece List View: You can now click on a particular spicies or class to filter-view pieces of that property.
– Optimized Summon: Summoning abilities(Spirit Bear, Shapeshift, Remote Mines and etc.) will now prioritize summoning in the vacant squares in front of the pieces, instead of at the back. 
– Decreased Knights’ Divine Protetion bonus armor from 35 to 30 per stack when activated.
– Balanced Winter Wyvern’s Cold Embrace base health regen bonus from 10/15/20 to 20, percentage regen bonus from 10%/15%/20% to 10%.
– Decreased Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear base magic resistance from 10% to 0%.
– Increased Disruptor’s Static Storm duration by 0.5 sec.
– Improved Sniper’s Assassinate cast delay from 1 to 0.5 sec. Redecorated Sniper★★ with new items and weapon.
– Increased Beastmaster’s Wild Axe physical damage by 20 per axe.
– Increased Morphling’s base attack damage by 5, Waveform damage by 50.
– Improved Shadow Shaman’s base attack rate from 1.6 to 1.5.
– Decreased Shadow Shaman’s Hex cooldown from 10 to 10/9/8 sec.
– Slightly adjusted icons of Priest and Arcane Aura.
– Added exclusive visual effects of Bullet Chat, winning streak, leaderboard display for DAC Custom Game Pass owners.
Congratulations to Lina for winning this week’s least win prize!
– Increased Lina’s base HP by 50. Decreased Luguna Blade’s cooldown from 10/8/6 to 10/7/4 sec.

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