6 Jun @ 2:25am

Construction Boom
Construction Boom

Things have shattered due to the earthquake. People of Drodo Island unite as one and help each others out to recover from the disaster. Recovery bonus: from 15:00 11 June to 00:00 17 June (CET+8), everyone gets a 50% boost on ranking up and Candies drops.

Seeing the game server being down, we are as upset and helpless as you are. Drodo Studio do not have the authorization and capability to maintain the custom game servers. However, we won’t stop our pursuit to offer everyone the best game play experience.

– Reworked algorithm for bonus health attributed by items. Now items with fixed bonus health and percentage bonus health will correctly stack their attributes.
– Optimized Lina and Sniper’s ability AI. They will now cast abilities in a smarter way, which considers the target’s magic resistance, and tends to finish the emeny right with the blow. 
– Correction: Lina’s Laguna Blade cooldown is now 10/7.5/5 sec instead of 10/7/4 mentioned in the previous patch.
– Fixed decorations with Enigma★★.

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