Dota Underlords #06 3 mage guide

We have our auto chess independent game Dota Underlords, that means we don’t need any more of the platform dota. And the game file size is only 1.27 GB, it’s much less than dota’s 30 GB !!! Then here we have made the newest Underlords build guide strategy like 9 assassin, 9 warrior, 4 troll […]

#135 Winter Wyvern 6 hunter 3 dragon

New hero Winter Wyvern is coming, the King in the north and Protector of the Realm with his skill Cold Embrace, which is very powerful. Under Clod Embrace protection, block all physical damage to this allais. And he is a one fee hero, a dragon and a mage which can be easily integrated to many […]

#123 chess position is very important

Chess position is very important in dota auto chess, this can affect the battle result. Especially when we have met the enemies which have the powerful area controls. This time we have wrote this dota auto chess guide strategy to show you how important the position is. The series is focus on the class priest. Dota […]

#121 ★★★ Dazzle troll mech

Priest is a new class, this class provide a damage reduce buff for our courier, this is the only buff for courier, which can help us to lose less blood when we lost, so that’s great buff for the player who gets a bad beginning or wanna to strike back. And then Dazzle is a […]

#120 Dazzle Terror blade

New version is update to date, we have get the new hero and new species : Dazzle and Priest. And some User interface has been updated, seems it’s a very big gift for the International Workers’ Day. First, Priest is a new class, this class provide a damage reduce buff for our courier, this is […]

#87 dragon mage

I’m a dragon. (3) Dragons : All friendly dragons have 100 mana when battle starts. Dragon guide strategy has a very high winning rate. For dota auto chess, the mana is very important, get 100 mana at the beginning means dragon can use their skill directly, for Dragon knight, this is perfect. Level 2 dragon  […]

#85 undead druid hunter

Horrifying apparitions that instill fear in enemies to reveal their weaknesses. (2) Undead : All enemies have -4 armor. (4) Undead : All enemies have -6 armor. Undead provider armor deceased for all enemies, constitute with many physical team member like hunter, knight,  warrior. So we can usually find the strategy undead hunter, undead knight, […]

#84 hunter undead naga

The hunter heroes can provider powerful physical damage when they are alive. So we should add some species like warrior, knight, goblin as tank to protect them. Otherwise it will be difficult to defeat the enemies. Hunter heroes contains few control, most of their skills are to deal more damage, except Medusa. So always the […]

#81 warrior naga

Due to the update of the 2019-01-25, a new Hero Tiny has been added, and warrior species has also been changed. Now warrior become very strong. So 9 Warrior heroes provider 7+8+9 = 24 armor for all the warrior. Because of the increase of the armor, the species warrior is born for tank. Then with the […]