24 May @ 9:57pm Sven, Lich

– New Recruitment mechanism: When manually re-rolling the recruitment list, you will no longer find pieces from your last recruitment which you did not purchase.– New pieces added: Sven($5 Demon Warrior), Lich($2 Undead Mage). – Increased Knights’ Divine Protection bonus armor and magic resist by 5 and 5%.– Balanced Kunkka’s Ghostship stun duration from 1.4/1.7/2 […]

9 May @ 8:02am

– Updated bullet chat info style: you will now wait for reduced time to see the (eh, actually) useful information.– A global bullet info will now be sent out whenever a player recruits Io.– Added new item: Ogre Axe (+15% Max HP, dropping from neutral creeps).– Added new item: Black King Bar (+15 Attack damage, […]

#116 IO introduction guide

The short sentence in the update log, “New Chess: Shadow Priest, Io”, is the player’s most concerned content. Here we will give you the introduction of Io($5, Elf with NO CLASS) First, the extraction mechanism of the Io is different from other Chess pieces. It is 0.3% drawn each time the piece is drawn. (The […]

18 Apr @ 4:00pm

– You can now disassemble a combined item on your Courier by right-clicking the item.– Fixed a bug which Mars cannot raise his shield against enemies in diagonal directions.– Added seasonal information in Leaderboard.————————————————————— Congratulations to Venomancer for achieveing the least wins prize for this week!– Decreased Venomancer’s Plague Ward cooldown from 5 to 5/4/3 […]

13 Apr @ 3:33am

– Added cloud players difficulty selection at loading screen in solo plays.– The Lock function in recruit panel now only affects one subsequent round.– Increased Warlocks’ Leech Soul lifesteal from +10%/+20% to +15%/+25%. – Decreased Nagas’ Scale Armor bonus magic resistance from +40% to +35%. – Increased Orcs’ Battle Hardened bonus HP from 200/300 to […]

8 Apr @ 12:25pm

– Reworked Soul Leech (Warlock’s Class Perk):Old:(3) Warlocks: All allies have +20% lifesteal. (6) Warlocks: All allies have +30% lifesteal.New: (3) Warlocks: All allies have +10% lifesteal and +10% spell lifesteal.(6) Warlocks: All allies have +20% lifesteal and +20% spell lifesteal.This change allows pieces to recover health whenever they deal damage, no matter the source. Warlocks […]

6 Apr @ 2:16pm

-Undo the pre-loading of the ★★ and ★★★ pawn models, trying to alleviate the problem of player loading timeout with lower hardware configuration-If the legacy of the player’s death is a synthetic product, it will be broken down into basic equipment and dropped separately-The Veno’s plague guard base health increased from 200/300/400 to 250/400/550 Congratulations […]