There are about 55 different heroes now. Heroes have at least two different species and one skill.

The hero is growing up, the creator of dota auto chess decides to bring all the heroes of dota to the game. Sometime we have few change of the enemy due to the balance of the game.

One star:

Mars: tank, put on the front
Axe: tank, put on the front
Berserker's call
Enchantress: put it on the front/mid line
Nature's attendants
Ogre Mage: he can be a tank put it on the front line. It’s easy to combine high level
Tusk: tank, put it on the front line to take damage, tank very well at early stage, easy to upgrade to level 3
Walrus punch
Drow: very weak, put on the back
Hunter's talant
Bounty hunter: nice assassin not expensive and have a not bad damage
Shuriken toss
Clockwerk: nice tank with control and damage, put on the front
Battery assault
Shaman: hex and troll buff, we always pick him
Batrider: dps, he provider a troll buff more than a dps
Sticky napalm
Tinker: nice damage in the beginning put on the back
Heat seeking missile
Anti-mage: He is not a tank, even he get level 3, put him after the tanks
Mana break
Tiny: He is a tank, put on the front
Mana break

Two star:

Crystal maiden : put on the mid to provider the buff mana regeneration for all the teams
arcane aura
Beast master: tank and have a aoe not bad, put him in the front
Wild axes
Juggernaut: tank, put in the front . Blade fury immune to magic, so always nice to against mage
Blade fury
Timber: Nice tank which has good damage, put him on the front
Whirling death
Queen of pain: Always put her in the back, she will jump to the back of the enemy and kill their mage
Scream of pain
Puck: put on the back line to make more dps with low duration CD
iIllusory orb
Witch doctor: little stun, and contains troll/warlock buff, we always pick him
Paralyzing cask
Slardar: tank, put in the front
Corrosive haze
Chaos knight: A demon hero, high physical damage, and also have a stun not bad, tank in the front
Chaos bolt
Treant protector: A very nice tank, easy to get level 3
leech seed
Luna: physical damage, a level 3 Luna is provider very high damage, put her at back of the team
Moon glaives
Furion : nice front liner or mid liner at the early stage with the help of treant protector
Nature's call
Morphling: New Assassin, not bad, provider a damage not bad
Wave form

Three star:

Lycan: tank, put in the front, summon two wolves seems not bad
Veno: put it on the front/mid line, summons have magic resistance, it can be used to deal with mages
Plague ward
Omni, tank, and he can heal/deal team member and deal a little damage
Razor: put it on the mid line to ensure he can releases a wave of energetic plasma
Plasma field
Wind: a hunter with high magic damage, always on the back
Phantom Assassin: Assassin hero, stay on the back, and fly to the back of the enemy
Coup de grace
Abaddon: Tank, put in the front
Aphotic shield
Aphotic shield
Sand king: Assassin, not a bad control, sometime work well!
Slark: Assassin, put on the back
Shadow dance
Shadow dance
Sniper: very nice damage hero, high damage but weak, put on the back
Viper: Assassin, very nice when use with other dragon
Viper strike
Shadow Fiend: very nice hero, high magic damage and high physical dps
Lina: put on the back line to ensure she can be survived and use her skill
Laguna blade
Terror blade: put in the mid, he can deal very high damage after metamorphosis
Riki: assassin
smoke screen
Mirana: hunter
sacred arrow

Four star:

Doom: tank, put in the front. Doom is nice to destroy the core of the enemy
Kunkka: tank, put in the front. Nice stun for the team
Troll: tank, put after other tanks, he is a good dps, give all physical equipment to him
Keeper of the light : put it at the corner of your team to take damage for a whole line.
Necrophos: warlock and heal, very powerful hero, put on the back
Death pulse
Death pulse
Templar Assassin: powerful assassin, put on the back
Alchemist: very useful hero, species warlock, goblin and skill decrease enemy’s armor, put it in the front as a tank
Acid spray
Acid spray
Disruptor: very powerful area control, put him at the front or in the mid
Static storm
Medusa: nice damage and control, very useful to deal with physical enemies
Stone gaze
Dragon knight: High damage, but not a real tank, he need mana to transform and deal more damage.
Elder dragon form
Druid Lone: put it on the front/mid line to summon bear in mind, bear in mind is stronger than itself
Spirit bear

Five star:

Zeus : core of the god, very powerful on the 2 god team
Call down
Thundergod’s warth
Gyrocopter: Very powerful damage, always stay on the back
Call down
Call down
Lich : put on the back line, if he can use twice skills, he can kill all the enemies and end the round
Chain frost
Chain frost
Tide hunter: Put him at the front, ensure he can stun all the enemy
Enigma: put him in the front or just after the tank, ensure midnight pulse is used in the fight, his damage is very high
midnight pulse
Techies: very high magic damage hero, put on the front to ensure he use skill and deal high damage
Explosive bomb
Death Prophet
Death Prophet: warlock and undead species, can be used in different combo