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Here is the official guide.

Hard-working couriers in dota games live in a little island — Drodo Island. Busy jobs do not prevent them from having fun themselves in spare time.
A casino opened on Drodo Island recently, after the TD house and Rink! You can pick dota heros as your chesses and they will automatically fight for you on a 8*8 chessboard.
A guide ‘?’ on topleft is for beginners.
Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any suggestions.
Please enter the game with x64 system.

Created by [Drodo Studio]
Team: Cutey Pucky Nat Mouse Toto
Type: Real-Time Strategy Game, Face Game
Players: 1-8(Cloud battle mode for 1 player)
Languages: English Schinese Tchinese
Bug Contact:
Business cooperation&game feedback:
Q: How to get gold?
A: a.5 basic gold a round automatically.
b.1 gold for beating your opponent this round, extra gold for win streak or lose streak, up to 3.
c.10% interest of your current gold a round.
d.x gold refund when a x level chess recycled.
e.Max amount of gold is 100.

Q: Why 2 enchantress cannot combine automatically?
A: Only 2 different kind of druids and trigger the combo, so you need another druid in battleground, such as treantprotector.

Q: How to get back items on chesses?
A: Items will be dropped when chess recycled, you have to sacrifice for the getting back.

Q: How to put more chesses on the battleground?
A: Max amount is equal to your chess player’s level, buy exp book with gold to upgrade your chess player.

Q: How can I call out the shopping panel each round?
A: Click the 5-chess icon on topbar to call it or press the hotkey space.

Q: Can I know more details about chess pool?
A: A certain amount of chesses are put into a public pool at the start due to amount of chess players. All players draw from the public pool and once a chess is picked by a player it will be removed from the pool until recycled or death of its owner. Players have lower chance to have what you want if others already have it and higher chance if the chess is not popular.

Q: How to get a ranking instead of unknown?
A: Finish 5 valid games with others can settle your ranking, rankings will upgrade with more games. The ranking from lowest to highest if Pawn-Knight-Bishop-Castle-King-Queen.

Q: How to get pretty chess players and candies?
A: You can beat more opponents to get candies (Up to 10 a day) and play the RandomCallMachine to get pretty chess players.

The website provider more dota auto chess strategies.