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14 different types, for each species, there are at least 2 different heroes . the hero level is between 1 and 5.

2 more different hero with the same type species can give the team one buff positive or give enemy a buff negative.

Here is all species:

beast, demon, dragon, dwarf, element, elf, goblin, god, human, ogre, orc, naga, troll,undead,

Beast – 6 hero: Enchantress, Tusk, Lycan, Venomancer, Sand king, Lone Druid
Demon – 5 hero: Queen of pain, Chaos knight, Shadow fiend, Doom, Terror Blade
Dragon – 3 heros: Puck, Viper, Dragon knight
Dwarf – 2 hero: Sniper, Gyrocopter
Element – 4 hero: Razor, Enigma, Tiny, Morphling
Elf – 8 hero: Anti-mage, puck, Luna, Treant protector, Nature’s prophet, Wind ranger, Phantom assassin, Templar Assassin
Goblin – 6 hero: Bounty hunter, Clockwerk, Timbersaw, Tinker, Alchemist, Techies
God – 2 hero: Mars, Zeus
Human – 7 hero: Crystal maiden, Lycan, Lina, Omniknight, Kunkka, Keeper of the light, Dragon knight
Naga – 4 hero: Slark, Slardar, Medusa, Tidehunter
Orc – 4 hero: Axe, Juggemaut, Beastmaster, Disruptor
Ogre – 1 hero: Orge Magi
Troll – 4 hero: Witch doctor, Shadow shaman, Troll warlord, Batrider
Undead – 4 hero: Drow ranger, Abaddon, Necrophos, Lich