#07 4 troll 4 knight

#07 4 troll 4 knight
#07 4 troll 4 knight

We have our auto chess independent game Dota Underlords, that means we don’t need any more of the platform dota. And the game file size is only 1.27 GB, it’s much less than dota’s 30 GB !!! Then here we have made the newest Underlords build guide strategy like 9 assassin, 9 warrior, 4 troll 6 warrior, 6 Warrior 2 Undead, 4 Druid, 3 Mage 2 Naga, 4 troll 6 knight etc.

The series is focus on the Dota Underlords Troll build guide strategy. This is Dota Underlords #07 4 troll 4 knight guide.

Hero: Luna, Abandon, Omni Knight, Batrider, Chaos knight, Troll, Shaman, Witch doctor, Medusa, Necrophos.

buff: 4 Knight, 4 Troll, 2 heartless, 2 warlock, 1 demon.

Alliance troll
Alliance troll

Troll provide attack speed for allias which is widely used for the physical team like warrior, knight. 2 toll provide gain +35 attack speed for troll units, and 4 troll provide +65 attack speed for troll units and +30 for all allias.

Due to the calculate of hero attack speed, +30 speed means if the base attack speed of this hero is 100, they attack 1 time per second, then now they attack 1.42 times per second. So it can increase many physical damages.

Troll team we have Troll Warlord and Batrider can deal many damage, Shadow Shaman and Witch Doctor can provide control. Then Witch Doctor is a warlock which can combo with another warlock to get a warlock lifesteal buff.

After we use knight to combo with troll, knight are different as Dota auto chess, knight can provide buff to take less physical and magic damage and now we have an additional effective when they standing 1 cell away from another knight.

So we have:

  1. two knights standing 1 cell away from another knight, we can have 30% less damage buff.
  2. four knights standing 1 cell away from another knight, we can have 40% less damage buff.
  3. six knights, they will get 55% less damage buff.

Here Dota Underlords is different from Dota Auto Chess, the buff will not be superimposed. The max buff we can get is 55% less damage.

knight and troll are always powerful. for the knight, life steal is not necessary, so we can get all the heroes on level 9. Don’t need level 10, that’s a big advantage. Some strategy due to the limit of courier’s level, the game is hard, but knight troll don’t mind it.

Alliance warlock
Alliance warlock

Here we didn’t get Dragon knight, so we have pick Necrophos to get a warlock buff.

Team build :

At beginning, we can pick some knight, knight have shield protection, so it’s easy against the enemies. Then we can collect the troll heroes. But troll hero like shaman, witch doctor and batrider are trashes. So don’t put them on the board, except we get Troll.

On the mid game, normal we get 4 knight minimum. You get put some heroes like Razor or Shadow Fiend to add area damage. For knight, it’s not very difficult. Even you are defeated, you will not lose too much blood.

Then you will get 6 knight or 4 troll if you are not really unlucky. Then the game becomes easier for knight troll. Put 6 knight on the board or 4 troll on the board.

On the later game, when you get level 9, you probably win the game. You can upgrade your heroes, or get level 10 to add one more control like Tide hunter, Kunkka, Medusa etc.


1.Troll is very important for this strategy, so even he is level 1, put him on the board.

2.try to pick powerful equipment and put it on the core hero. Like Refresher-orb, Assault cuirass, Desolator etc.

3.Save money to get more interest, Troll is a 4 star hero, to get him as soon as possible.