#09 3 Warrior 3 Hunter 11 Units

Dota Underlords Warrior are fearless brawlers who possess a vast knowledge of arms and armor. They use this knowledge to fortify their defenses. Because of the increase of the armor, the species warrior is born for tank. Then with the high armor and hp, they are really great tank for the dps on the back. […]

#08 Demon hunter Guide

Dota Underlords Demon hunter : Exiled warriors who’ve learned to control fel energies. (1) Invalidate your opponent’s Demon Alliance bonus. (2) Invalidate your opponent’s Demon Alliance bonus. All Demon Units gain +50% Pure Damage.Species demon hunter provider 2 buff (1 positive buff for allies and 1 negative for enemy). When you have two demon hunter, […]

Update 2019-07-04 18:56

GENERAL: Added Scoreboard. Defaults to TAB on the PC. Added Leaderboards[www.underlords.com]. Welcome, Lords of White Spire. Further lighting tweaks to the board to brighten it up. Update Notes can now be found from inside the game. Season Info: Heroes’ Ability info now shows damage type New Kill Streak FX. Unit VO is now spatialized (Audio will […]

Update 2019-07-05

Fixed crash when loading into a match. Fixed Druid Alliance not upgrading Druids correctly. Fixed Win/Loss record updating at the wrong time. Fixed an item regression – effects will once again stack correctly for Completing the Cycle, Summoning Stone, Shaman Pluck, Unstable Reactor, Check the Bodies, and Strange Bedfellows.

#06 3 mage 2 scaled

We have our auto chess independent game Dota Underlords, that means we don’t need any more of the platform dota. And the game file size is only 1.27 GB, it’s much less than dota’s 30 GB !!! Then here we have made the newest Underlords build guide strategy like 9 assassin, 9 warrior, 4 troll […]