Gold is the core of Dota auto chess, if you wanna to win, you should get more gold than others. At least you shouldn’t be a poor. So how to get more gold, it’s very important.

The only resource in game, automatically given before each round. You can use courier to buy chess pieces with gold or call 5 new chess or increase the experience level of those already owned. 1 gold for beating your opponent this round, extra gold for win streak or lose streak, up to 3.

We have many technique to get more gold:

1.Every round, you can get 5 gold. This is a constant, we can’t modify or do anything.

2.Every round, you can get interest, depends on the gold you have actual, the interest is 10%, so each round to get most interest is a good idea. But the interest is up to five, so when you get 50+ gold, you can spent the gold, but keep it more than 50 all the time.

3.Then someone said, i save gold up to 50, i get 5 interest, but i still lost, the enemy is very strong! Here is a condition, only save the money when you can defeat the enemy. You need to watch the other players, you are playing chess, you need to know your competitors. The goal is to defeat your enemy, so when you find your enemy is very strong, you need to upgrade your courier or refresh the chess to upgrade your hero.

4.One gold for beating your opponent this round, extra gold for win streak or lose streak, up to 3. This rule is very important. You can get more money all from the phrase, if you are strong and keep winning the streak, u need to analysis the enemy to prevent to interrupt the win streak. Each round, you can get 3 more gold. Otherwise, you lose the streak, and you think the hero on the round is not good, u can keep losing for some streak, you can also get 3 more gold, and save it to get more interest.

5. Should never soha all your gold, if you do this, no gold means no chance. Keep the gold, dota auto chess is every easy to turn back as NBA 🙂