#126 beast warrior warlock

Beast’s buff crease damage for all allies, so beast’s combo can be used for most of the species. It’s widely used. And half of druid heroes are beasts, so beast’s combo with druid are very easy to grow up. Then we can build many dota auto chess team like beast warrior warlock, beast troll, beast […]

#89 mage super-hero Razor

Magic can deal explosive damage in few seconds, and due to the mana regeneration of Crystal Maiden, mage team always use their skill before the enemies. So mage team often contains great area control or area stun to defeat enemies. Then we can build many dota auto chess guide strategy with mage like mage warrior, […]

#87 dragon mage

I’m a dragon. (3) Dragons : All friendly dragons have 100 mana when battle starts. Dragon guide strategy has a very high winning rate. For dota auto chess, the mana is very important, get 100 mana at the beginning means dragon can use their skill directly, for Dragon knight, this is perfect. Level 2 dragon  […]

#4 warrior beast orc

6 warrior heroes provider 7+8 = 15 armor for all the warrior. Because of the increase of the armor, the species warrior is born for tank. Then with the high armor and hp, they are really great tank for the other allies on the back. So they are useful to constitute with other species like […]