Update: 26 Jun @ 4:51am least win – Mirana

● Congratulations to Mirana for winning this week’s least wins prize! She is temporarily removed from the piece pool and will be back after rework.
● S1-Cancer (05/01 to 06/30) end of season rewards:
♕Top 20 Queens (on the leaderboard): S1 Winner Badge
♕Queen: 320 Candies + A shiny Crown (Effective for S2) + Hermes|Aegis (Couier)
♔King: 320 Candies + Hermes|Skadi (Courier)
♖Rook: 160 Candies + Hermes|Necronomicon (Courier)
♗Bishop: 80 Candies + Hermes|PoorMan (Courier)
♘Knight: 40 Candies
♙Pawn: 20 Candies
● S1 DAC Pass vote has ended. Congratulations to Pudge for winning the vote! He will be added to the game in the new season.
● As usual, the last day of the season (06/30) will be the off-season day to award the excellent players. Games played on this day will not affect your ranking. The new season, S2-Googie starts on 07/01!

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