Update : 6 Jul @ 5:42pm – Nature’s Prophet

● Added item combination/disassembly among lower-tier items:

Chain mail*2 = Plate mail
Blades of Attack*2 = Javelin,
Javelin*2 = Demon Edge
Broad Sword*3 = Sacred Relic
Ring of Regeneration*2 = Ring of Health
Robe of the Magi*2 = Staff of Wizardry
Staff of Wizardry + Void Stone = Mystic Staff
Vitality Booster + Crown = Ultimate Orb
Orge Axe*2 = Reaver

You can view these combinations in game by right-clicking on the items.
● Optimized minor visual and sound effects.
● These guys are given Immortal Treasure II: Timbersaw, Luna, Grimstroke and Dazzle.
● Fixed a bug with failing to reward the players when the winnner and the runner-up players die at the same instance.
● Congratulations to Nature’s Prophet for winning this week’s least wins prize!
● Nature’s Prophet’s Call of Nature now summons 1 Treant/ 2 Treant /2 Greater Treant, instead of summoning 1 treant with increasing attributes.
● Claim your rewards for the last season in Leader board panel if you haven’t done so!
● DAC Custom Pass can’t be activated repeatedly to extend its expiration date. Please purchase the pass after your current one has expired if you would like to support us. You may request a refund by contusing Steam Customer Support if you bought a new pass while your current one is still active.

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